How to Choose High Quality Doors and Windows

If you’re in the market for windows and doors, you’ve probably noticed the wide range of different sizes, colors and styles, so here are some tips to help you to choose the right ones for your home. Shopping locally is a good idea, as you’ll get the best advice from retailers and major manufacturers that have experience, as they sell a lot of windows and can explains what to look for. There are some questions to ask before choosing, this is why we’ll take you through the ways of determining how to position them, with a helpful guide for each situation in your home.

If your windows have seen better days, double pane ones can reduce your cooling bills while adding curb appeal, but selecting the right ones can be overwhelming since this project is a major investment, so doing some homework can save on headaches. If you have picturesque views or a unique architecture, you can use shapes and details to play. Windows are a massive part of your project, so you need to know what to look for.

We decided to ease our clients’ choice by giving them our best tips, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to figure out which windows are right for your home. This is not an exhaustive article, but we’ve tried to cover most bases you may have questions about.

  1. Where possible, visit showrooms

Visiting in person allows you to feel the windows and doors, so you can spot any lack of quality.

  1. Select between new and replacement windows

Installing replacement windows means not disturbing the surrounding trim and replacing them with new windows that are designed to fit, costing around the same as new windows. New windows are usually installed when the homeowner wants to put a completely new window and generally requires the work of a contractor, although the windows do not cost more than replacement. Obviously the savings are helpful, and depending on the manufacturer, replacement windows can be custom ordered.

  1. The look

Windows play a major role in this era of big glass. The interior look can create an experience inside your home, for example, composite aluminum wood sections flatters a less modern interior, but could be used instead as a contemporary element. Choice of windows and doors is contextual, and your architect should be able to give you recommendations about what you should choose, even if you want a system in which all units are identical, with uniform sightlines.

  1. Glass windows and doors framed in timber, aluminum or steel

Aluminum framing is used extensively through building domestically and based on your budget and the size of your openings, you can choose standard residential framing or commercial aluminum framed glazing. Timber framing windows require refinishing over their lifetime, but can create beautiful natural warmth if your aesthetic preference is for a more traditional style. Steel framing is fantastic for an industrial aesthetic, a stunning choice for a dramatic impact creating a very fine appearance, but it’s more expensive.

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